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June 23rd - Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Ukraine draws attention to the culture of animal welfare even during times of war

Friday, June 23, is the World "Take Your Dog to Work" Day. 

Ukrainians are traditionally encouraged to spend their workday with their beloved pets. It's also a way to show that even during the full-scale invasion by Russia, Ukrainians continue to support a culture of humane treatment towards their four-pawed companions.

"Ukrainians join the global initiative 'Take Your Dog to Work.' This year, Kormotech, together with Club 4 Paws as the organizers of the campaign, invites everyone to support the tradition of taking dogs not only to work but also for the company during daily activities to draw attention to animal welfare, which remains relevant during the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

How to participate in the 'Take Your Dog to Work' campaign:

For companies and pet owners participating for the first time, we have developed detailed instructions and tips on preparing the office for such a workday. We encourage you to ensure comfort for your pets and colleagues.

This year, we offer a new approach. According to the recent events in Ukraine, we have decided to forgo advertising the campaign and instead invite you to participate in a charity flash mob. The funds raised will be directed to helping animals affected by the war. Among the participants, we will give away branded gift boxes and a tour of the pet food factory. It will motivate pet owners, as we will open our production facility to our end customers.

You can find detailed terms of the flash mob on the campaign's Facebook page.

Why it is essential:

The way how animals are treated signals much about society in general. Four-pawed companions are not just family members; they are also human companions. Dogs-friendly offices have several advantages compared to companies that have yet to embrace this as part of their corporate culture. Interaction with animals reduces stress, enhances productivity, and boosts collaboration with colleagues. At the same time, socialization is crucial for the four-pawed companions themselves. Having the opportunity to spend more time with their owners during the day contributes to the well-being of the pets. Thus, taking dogs to work improves work relationships and the animal bond.

'Kormotech is a socially responsible company. We dream of harmonious coexistence between people and their pets, so we have chosen this direction as one of our company's key focuses. We have been implementing projects promoting compassionate animal treatment for over ten years. It is important to support and develop a culture of responsible animal care in society. And in such challenging times, it becomes another way to support one another, which is especially valuable,' says Katerina Kovalyuk, Reputation and CSR Manager at Kormotech.

'Take Your Dog to Work' in Ukraine:

The tradition of bringing pets to the office once a year in Ukraine was initiated by the pet food manufacturer Kormotech in collaboration with the brand Club 4 Paws. The campaign was launched in Lviv in 2013. Over time, this practice became part of the corporate culture for many Ukrainian companies with the support of the Club 4 Paws brand. In recent years, approximately 500 companies nationwide have participated in the 'Take Your Dog to Work' campaign.

In this way, we fulfill our mission to change the attitude towards four-pawed animals in Eastern Europe. To achieve this, we implement various social initiatives: a free hotline for veterinary care called 9100, a humane education course for schoolchildren called 'Club 4 Paws' a continuing education school for veterinarians in collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the adoption platform Look 4 Paws, and the animal rescue initiative called Save Pets of Ukraine.