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Standard food for cats

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Standard food for cat and dog


Super premium food for cats and dogs

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Manufactured by Kormotech

We start with
product quality!

We know that our four-pawed friends will not pretend to enjoy an inferior product just to make you happy. Any error in the selection of raw materials or during production will cost us your trust



Equipment for the Kormotech plants has been 

manufactured by the world’s leading companies


Quality control

We control our products' quality and nutritional properties at 60 points throughout the manufacturing process

  • We carefully check the quality of raw materials and their origin in Kormotech laboratories
  • We carry out input control of raw materials for the content of proteins, fats, ash, calcium, and phosphorus
  • Control of indicators in already ready pet food
  • We measure the content of antioxidants in accordance with European standards

tested and approved

Each product is examined internally, then tested and approved by third-party industry experts before entering the market.

  • Dutch Institute of animal nutrition
  • Penelis connsulting services
  • Our plants are FDA registered and have USDA veterinary permits
plant in Ukraine

dry food plant

Kormotech’s history began with the operation of the Ukraine dry food plant in 2005. Each year it produces up to 55,000 tons of rations under the brands "CLUB 4 PAWS", Optimeal, "My love". It also produces private brand pet food for retail chains worldwide. We worked with the U.S. company Petfood Worldwide Development to develop the production technology. 

The plant was recently modernized which included renovating the treatment facilities and installing more powerful equipment. The plant is in the Lviv region in the village of Prylbychi. Many of the residents of the surrounding towns work there.

plant in Ukraine

wet food plant

This plant has been producing wet food for cats and dogs since 2011. Kormotech’s second plant, it is located in an ecologically clean zone in Prylbychi, in the Lviv region. It has a production capacity of up to 27,000 tons per year. Food produced here is sold throughout the world under the brands CLUB 4 PAWS, Optimeal, My love!. 

It also produces private brand pet food for retail chains worldwide.

Lithuanian wet food plant

Manufacture in the EU

Kormotech's first European plant began operations in 2020 in the town of Kedainial, which is in Lithuania’s industrial center. Construction investment totaled 15 million euros. 

Production is mostly robotic and this plant currently produces up to 20,000 tons of food annually.

Collaborate with Kormotech

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