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My Love/ Miau!

Standard food for cats

my love

Standard food for cat and dog


Super premium food for cats and dogs

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values and story

More than twenty
years of history

Since 2003 we have taken care of pets, improved the pet industry, and developed high-quality rations

#49 in the world

Petfood Industry ranks Kormotech among the top 50 pet industry manufacturers in the world. We successfully export products to 42 countries including our brands Optimeal, CLUB 4 PAWS, My Love, and our private label partners. The product range includes more than 650 items. 

Production capacity in Ukraine is 27,000 tons of wet and 55,000 tons of dry feed per year, plus 20,000 tons of wet feed in Lithuania

  • № 20 in the world in terms of growth in the pet industry

  • Sales leaders in the domestic market

  • We are changing attitudes towards pets in Eastern Europe

Our mission and vision

Our mission

Every day, we create food for cats and dogs, all in pursuit of their happiness and well being. We believe that love for pets makes the world a better place.

Our vision

Enter top-30 pet food manufacturers in the world.

Our values

Our values

Our values

  • Love for pets

    We believe that pets are our companions. We create high-quality products for them and improve their welfare in Eastern Europe

  • We're in this for good

    We favor long-term collaboration and individual solutions. We value stability, reliability, and mutual respect

  • Development

    Every day we grow as a team and develop with our community of partners to meet consumer expectations and global trends in four-legged nutrition

  • Team

    We are a team of professionals who love our jobs. Each of us contributes our expertise towards the company's success. We share a common goal and support each other to achieve it

  • Responsibility

    We are responsible for our words and actions. We keep our promises to colleagues, consumers, partners, and the community

Our story

  • 2022
    We launched a nationwide initiative called Save Pets of Ukraine to rescue pets. Demonstrated the resilience and development of Ukrainian business despite all difficulties.
  • 2020
    We open production facilities in Lithuania. We rank in the top 70 pet food producers in the world according to Petfood Industry
  • 2019
    We add over five new exporting countries, including the United Kingdom and Finland
  • 2018
    The company is 15 years old! We obtained a permit to export to the United States and made our first shipments to Chile
  • 2017
    Ranked among the top 30 pet feed producers in Europe. Created an in-house innovation department. Launched a humane education course for schoolchildren. Founded a training school for veterinarians
  • 2015
    Kormotech begins to export to the European market. Kormotech implements social initiatives and helps develop the Ukrainian pet food industry
  • 2014
    Launch an all-Ukrainian initiative to save the animals: "Don't leave us in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO)"
  • 2013
    The company is 10 years old! Optimeal super premium pet food launched and in 2007 received the international food certification
  • 2011
    We open a second wet feed plant
  • 2010
    Receive the National Trade Master Award in Ukraine for the development of the Private Label product category
  • 2008
    We have begun partnering with retail chains to develop Private Labels
  • 2007
    We implement ISO 22000, a food industry quality management system
  • 2005
    We open the first Ukrainian dry food plant for cats and dogs
  • 2004
    The company's first brands - CLUB 4 PAWS, Gav and Meow - are launched in the Ukrainian market
  • 2003
    The first brick of Kormotech was laid. Partnered with Petfood Worldwide Development, to develop feed production technology. Partnered with Petfood Specialties, Poland to develop the first diets