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Kormotech has launched its first collaboration with pet influencers

Kormotech invited Ukrainian four-pawed influencers to join the Kormotech Family album and share their unique stories. This initiative aims to unite Ukrainian pet parents in a community that shares the common core value – unconditional love for animals.

One of the first to support this initiative was the famous "battle cat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Shayba, known on social media as @shaybaboy. Together with his pet parent, Alexander Lyashuk, @a_lyashuk_, they defend Ukraine on the front lines. Shayba, a well-known "battle cat" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, whose photos and videos warm the hearts of millions of Ukrainians, was rescued by serviceman Alexander when he found him abandoned near their position. Alexander adopted him and started a separate blog for Shayba.

"These guys went to a rural store for groceries and saw two abandoned kittens, so they decided to take them with them. Shayba was one of those two kittens. He stood out among others, and over time, I took him home. We've been together all the time, and eventually, I started filming videos of us on duty. He immediately captivated people with his charisma, brought smiles, and warmed the hearts of millions. We try to use our recognition to benefit the military, and we have already purchased eight cars and much more," says Alexander.

Shayba gathered a "gang" of four-pawed friends from different parts of Ukraine who joined the project. For example, there's Bandera, the cat from the Carpathians; Thomas, the cat from Ivano-Frankivsk; Marusik, the cat from Kharkiv; and a Yorkie named Porsh from Kryvyi Rih. Their profiles and stories are already available on the Kormotech Family platform. These four-legged experts registered on the platform and tried the bestsellers from Kormotech – CLUB 4 PAWS chew sticks and dry food from the Optimeal Beauty brand.

For two decades, Kormotech, a manufacturer of cat and dog food, has been improving the lives of pets, changing society's attitude towards them not as property but as full-fledged family members.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the company has launched a unique platform – the Kormotech Family photo album.

The idea and goal of the project are to unite Ukrainians who share a love for animals and create a unique platform where they can share stories and photos of their pets. Stories of over 400 Ukrainian four-pawed friends are already posted on the interactive map of Ukraine. Everyone interested can join this album.