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We saved 160 thousand lives. How Kormotech helps quadrupeds during war

The headquarters of the rescue of domestic animals Save Pets Of Ukraine became operational on March 2, 2022.

The team collected USD 1,530,000 of aid in six months and saved 98,700 dogs and 61,300 cats. We say thanks to whom it became possible.


Kormotech company

Kormotech has been committed to rescuing war-torn quadrupeds since the start of the full-scale russian invasion. The company donated more than 200 tons of food for dogs and cats and launched the Save Pets Of Ukraine Initiative. The total assistance from the company amounted to almost USD 300,000 and the volunteer resource of employees who developed and established the pet rescue headquarters.


U-Hearts Foundation

The U-Hearts Foundation accumulates aid from around the world to support animals in Ukraine. The fund attracted assistance for the initiative in the total amount of more than USD 1,000,000. In addition to fodder, he also helped purchase vaccines for animals, veterinary drugs, ammunition, and carriers for evacuation.


Other benefactors and partners

The initiative received more than USD 235,000 from benefactors from Estonia and Italy, the Ukrainian association Family Business Network, and private donors. "Svit-Agro" company provided its warehouses, Nova Poshta Humanitarian helped deliver fodder across Ukraine, and Collar provided ammunition. Greater Good Charities, Pet Industry Federation, American Pet Products Association, PAW, Matrix, and Phillips Pet Food & Supplies joined the rescue of cats and dogs in Ukraine among foreign partners.


Volunteers on the ground

We thank all the volunteers in the coordination centers who, despite the fatigue and threat to their lives, help the Save Pets of Ukraine team deliver food to the dogs, particularly in Odesa, Dnipro, Sumy, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Irpin, and other cities. It is also possible to give food to pets even in the territories still under occupation: Mariupol, Energodar, Kherson, and others. Thanks to a well-coordinated network of local centers, the dogs and cats there has a chance at life.

We thank everyone who joins us in rescuing the domestic animals of Ukraine. We believe all homeless pets will find their people and live in a home without war.