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The volunteer IT initiative Open Tech has developed a platform for the adoption of homeless animals free of charge

SoftServe, in collaboration with the premium pet food brand CLUB 4 PAWS, has developed a platform for adopting four-pawed animals called LOOK 4 PAWS.

Previously, SoftServe volunteers created websites free of charge for renowned organizations such as Ukraїner, Повернись живим, and others.

At the request of the CLUB 4 PAWS brand, the charitable crowdsourcing platform Open Tech, by SoftServe, developed a new website for the charitable initiative LOOK 4 PAWS.

The previous initiative's website eventually ceased to meet the users' needs and the social media accounts of LOOK 4 PAWS were overloaded. The IT experts from the Open Tech platform worked on the project for a year on a charitable basis, using their free time when not occupied with their primary responsibilities.

"We understood that we needed to create a simple product with convenient functionality and the ability to work with a large amount of data. We serve as a point of contact between animals and potential pet parents - we communicate on social networks and in the media, doing the part of the work that shelters lack resources for. We promote the four-legged companions, showcasing how beautiful and amazing they are, thereby changing the animal adoption culture. In the future, we plan to scale the platform and expand to other countries because the social mission of our company [Kormotech] is to change the culture of treating four-legged animals in Eastern Europe," – says Halyna Tsehelik, the brand manager of Club4Paws and coordinator of the LOOK 4 PAWS initiative.

The platform (website) consists of three sections, mainly a colorful album featuring photos of domestic animals. Users can quickly find their desired four-pawed companion by utilizing convenient filters such as city, animal type (cat or dog), and specifications such as size, color, breed, and gender. After a potential pet parent submits an application on the website, the project team contacts them, conducts a brief interview, and assists in resolving logistical matters.

Open Tech is a charitable crowdsourcing platform created by SoftServe employees who contribute their knowledge and spare time to address pressing social issues.

"We enjoyed working together so much that we will release second and third versions. It is already possible to visit the platform, find an animal, and submit an adoption application. It is impressive how many people were willing to get involved. People donated their free time to this charitable project," – says Anastasiia Kovach-Petrushenko, a project manager at SoftServe.

Within nine months of operation on the LOOK 4 PAWS platform, 1500 animal adoption advertisements have been posted, and over 500 have found new homes.

In future versions of the CLUB 4 PAWS and Open Tech resources, they plan to add additional filters for convenience in searching, streamline administration processes, and incorporate some helpful functionality.