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Responsible, though not perfect: a Ukrainian pet food brand has depicted amusing domestic stories of pet parents and their beloved animals

Club 4 Paws, the premium pet food brand by Kormotech, has launched a new communication campaign on television and radio, highlighting responsibility and care despite the daily routine.

The communication consists of three short videos – narratives about the everyday relationships between four-pawed companions and their humans, showcasing funny and touching situations that accompany them.

In the digital campaign, Club 4 Paws shows that it's normal to live your regular life alongside your furry friends and share your routine with them, with all its pleasant and challenging aspects. It doesn't mean that pet parents love their tails any less! The brand acknowledges that we are all imperfect but responsible, genuinely loving our four-legged friends and doing everything to provide them with all the attributes of a healthy and happy life. Sometimes, we may miss the morning walk, get delayed at work, or scroll through our smartphones instead of engaging in active play. However, when it comes to feeding, we demonstrate responsibility and care: everything should be timely, beneficial, and tasty.
Through this communication, Club 4 Paws gets closer to pet parents, showing an understanding of their nature – loving and responsible, though not perfect.
"We often see people blaming themselves and feeling guilty for missing out on something in their relationships with animals. With this communication, we want to show that it's okay not to be perfect because, in reality, there are no perfect people. This way, we support pet parents, reminding them they can miss or postpone anything. Still, suppose they feed their pet with tasty and quality food. In that case, that's already responsible!" – says Club 4 Paws brand manager Halyna Tsegelyk.

The video campaign is available at the following links: