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Kormotech has created an advertising collaboration with the combat cat Shayba and the German stylist Frank Wilde, known for his Ukraine-supporting outfits

The partnership is a first-of-its-kind, uniting two-star bloggers  — Frank Wilde, an active supporter of Ukraine who showcases Ukrainian identity, slogans, and products on his Instagram page, and Shayba, the combat cat whose pet parent Alexander Lyashuk is currently defending Ukraine in the Armed Forces.

In a thrilling narrative, Frank and Shayba embark on a 'secret mission'  — to transport food from Kormotech's flagship brands, the super-premium Optimeal and premium Club 4 Paws, from Ukraine to Germany. This daring operation occurs during the leading pet food & pet care exhibition, Interzoo 2024, in Germany.

Kormotech is a Ukrainian family company. It is the largest manufacturer of food for cats and dogs in Ukraine. Kormotech has previously surpassed large multinational companies in the domestic market. It is now actively expanding its presence in international markets, exporting its products to more than 40 countries worldwide — from Romania to South Korea.

"This is our first corporate integration of this scale. We share common values, so a joint story took time. The exhibition started on May 7th, and on May 2nd, we wrote the script," says Alina Smyshlyak, Reputation and CSR Manager at Kormotech. "Creating a joint integration in Frank's homeland is our gratitude to him and his team for their tremendous support for Ukraine, reminding us daily that we continue to fight and remain a stronghold of the free world."

By the way, Frank is one of Shayba's most devoted followers, and has long dreamed of meeting him in person.

"Ukraine is currently defending the whole of Europe. Few people living a peaceful European life understand that. I am a huge fan of Shayba and his pet parent, Alexander. I can only admire their courage and resilience. The collaboration allowed me to meet Shayba, but unfortunately, not Alexander. I hope to have another chance to meet this brave defender and thank him in person. Every time I visit Ukraine, I am impressed by the quality of local products, and I am sure that Ukrainian production deserves to be on the shelves of all stores," says Frank Wilde.

"We at I AM INFLUENCER Agency have made a collaboration between the Ukrainian pet influencer combat cat @shaybaboy and the German fashion influencer Frank Wilde, thus uniting one of the first foreign influencer marketing markets with the Ukrainian one, attracting the attention of the foreign audience to Ukrainian product," explained Veronika Synytsya, CEO of I AM INFLUENCER agency. "We gave voice and character to the pet influencer Shayba; now he has a crucial mission and continues to bring joy to his followers."