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Two Wins in the X-Ray

Kormotech received awards in the Social Marketing and Influencer Campaign categories at MMR's annual X-RAY Marketing Initiatives Competition.

Kormotech's «Pet is not a gift» campaign from its premium dog and cat food brand, Club 4 Paws, won in the Social Marketing category.

The Influencer Campaign award went to a campaign featuring two-star bloggers: Frank Wilde, an active supporter of Ukraine who promotes Ukrainian identity, slogans, and products on his Instagram page, and cat Shayba, the combat cat whose owner, Alexander Lyashuk, is currently serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The awards ceremony occurred during the annual MRKTNG marathon, hosted by MMR and the business/media bureau Ekonomika+. Over 30 representatives from large companies shared the best marketing and communication practices, with more than 400 participants attending the innovative Unit. City space.

Ihor Blystiv, Global Marketing and Innovation Officer at Kormotech discussed how social initiatives transform attitudes towards animals. One notable initiative is the «Pet is not a Gift» campaign.

«The foundation of the «Pet is Not a Gift» campaign is the Look 4 Paws responsible adoption project, which the Club 4 Paws brand launched in May 2022», said Yuriy Kovalyuk, Senior Brand Executive at Mussmarket Brands at Kormotech. The project works with shelters to help place pets and increases the number of responsible owners by spreading useful information. Thanks to the Look 4 Paws adoption platform, over 1,100 pets have already found new families».

At the end of 2023, before the Christmas holidays, Club 4 Paws launched a campaign to remind people that pets are not holiday gifts.

According to Yuriy Kovalyuk, Club 4 Paws used interactive formats such as animated TV, YouTube, social media, media publications, and radio to emphasize the need for a conscious approach to gifting a family to a pet.

Additionally, boxes with the message «Open me!» and a QR code inside were placed in shopping centers in Kyiv and Lviv, including «Gulliver» and «Victoria Gardens», as well as at the themed Kurazh Bazar. Anyone who opened the box could use the QR code to go to a particular landing page and learn more about the campaign.

The «Pet is Not a Gift» communication campaign resonated and made people think about the ethical side of «fluffy» gifts. Club 4 Paws plans to communicate this project annually to spread information and create a more humane and responsible attitude towards animals as companions, not property or accessories.

The Kormotech campaign featuring an influencer also includes a significant social component.  «This collaboration is a perfect match, and genuine intentions to spread good always succeed. We helped Frank fulfill his dream of shaking the paw of the Shayba. In return, he delivered our «secret cargo» to an exhibition in Germany. The elements of the «spy» saga added intrigue and kept the audience engaged. I must add that Frank has a powerful personality, and his dedication to Ukraine should serve as an example to our compatriots. Moreover, working with him is easy, enjoyable, and productive, which is a plus for us,» said Alina Smyshlyak-Boroda, Reputation and CSR Manager at Kormotech.

The Kormotech team is working on new campaigns to influence behavioral change positively.