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Strong company — strong country. How Kormotech lived during the war

In turbulent times, Kormotech does not freeze but overcomes difficulties. The crisis provoked by Russian aggression is the fourth major challenge in the company's life. However, every time we become stronger and more prepared. 112 days of the war - keep the economic front going


  • We have suspended work for the first two weeks since Russia's full-scale invasion to ensure the safety of workers. In 10 days, we realized that we had a ready plan on how to work further.
  • Initially, we reduced the range of products from 650 to 60 "military" items, but thanks to the partners, we returned an additional 50 items upon partners' request to be ready to buy. At the end of March, the company returned to 85% of the pre-war range.
  • Our production in Lithuania did not reduce volumes. In 2021 it was 15% of total production. And the relative proximity to the border with the EU in Ukraine has allowed restoring maximum production capacity. We also plan to increase the production of outsourced products.


  • Teams of nutritionists, R&D, and supply are working to create new recipes from alternative raw materials.
  • We are not stopping global expansion. The team has already presented innovations at international industry events Global Pet Expo in the United States, Global Pets Forum in the Netherlands, and InterZoo in Germany. Soon we will visit SuperZoo in the USA and Pet Fair Asia in Thailand.
  • We now export to 33 countries worldwide, gaining strength in export markets. Despite the war, we managed to sign five contracts with foreign partners and get closer to pre-war sales - 1,200 tons of wet and dry rations per week.
  • We maintain close ties with other Ukrainian industry representatives in the global arena within the Ukrainian Pet Alliance with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The main goal of the alliance is to support Ukrainian brands abroad.


  • We guaranteed the preservation of jobs to all feed technicians stationed abroad if their work is possible remotely. All those whose employment requires a presence in Ukraine were helped, if necessary, with a safe location in the west of the country to continue the company's smooth operation.
  • They did not change the amount and did not stop paying salaries, guaranteed health insurance to all employees in Ukraine and abroad, and from April resumed social packages: professional training, bonuses, bonuses, rehabilitation, etc.
  • From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, psychologists are trained to consult with other colleagues.
    We train workers in critical thinking. We conduct training on info hygiene to protect colleagues from fakes and hostile propaganda.


  • Save Pets of Ukraine. Initiated the creation of a pet rescue headquarters, which more than 40 feed technicians joined on a volunteer basis. We donated two hundred sixty tons of pet food for cats and dogs. In April, the initiative began to operate autonomously with the support of the NGO Element of Life (needs collection and logistics) and the Lithuanian U-Hearts Foundation (attracting international funding and purchases abroad). The initiative has already delivered more than 300 tons of pet food in all regions of Ukraine.
  • Adopt Pets of Ukraine from the CLUB 4 PAWS brand. This initiative accommodates animals left without owners during the war. Already 81 four-legged found new homes and loving owners. Among them are several feed technicians.
  • Kormotech helps feed technicians who defend our country. Employees are actively involved in financial gatherings to purchase ammunition and transportation for colleagues at the front.


The Kormotech team faces challenges with a love of work and a belief in victory. We do not stop! The company continues to work and strengthens its viability.