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Snacks, gadgets, recycling, cannabis - 6 world trends in pet nutrition

Igor Blystiv, Marketing and Innovation Director of Kormotech

In Germany, one of the world's largest exhibitions in the field of pet care, InterZoo 2022, has ended. The culture of coexistence between cats and dogs is developing, and the global market is responding to the trend of pampering pets. Producers from Europe and the United States focus on technology, new types of meat, alternative proteins, and environmentally friendly approaches. Kormotech has been presenting Ukrainian novelties on InterZoo for ten years.


Snacks for dogs

The global trend in the market of food and care for pets is the practice of pampering a pet. Brands from Western or Central Europe have large lines of dog food and snacks. In Ukraine, the culture of feeding pets is still being formed. Domestic producers have much fewer snacks in their range. Meanwhile, in European pet stores, the snack group can occupy up to 40% of the shelves. In Ukraine - 3-5%. Ukrainian novelty - delicacies from the premium line Selection from Club 4 Paws.


Cannabis products

This trend is noticeable in brands from the United States. Their producers are conquering the market with new types of meat. For example - BARF ("Bones and Raw Food"), as well as products created by freeze-drying technology. Foods with hemp are also gaining momentum.


Alternative proteins

European brands are increasingly using alternative proteins in recipes. In general, food industry experts call the transition to such types of protein (legumes, algae, insects) the future of food technology. In pet food, it is the protein from insects.


Sustainable production

If a modern brand does not profess sustainability and does not have recyclable packaging, it will not be able to reach a wide range of consumers. The trend towards sustainability should cover almost the entire life cycle of the product - where and under what conditions raw materials are grown, how the ecosystem is restored, what energy is consumed for production and so on. How the product is made is essential to the consumer. Alternative sources and the preservation of the planet, in general, are no longer trends but world practices. Petfood will not miss this.


Holistic food

The idea of ​​a holistic product is trendy in the Middle East. The super-premium holistic line Optimeal Beauty was presented at the exhibition. It is a marine protein based on seafood.


Devices for living with four legs

More and more smart gadgets are appearing in the field of pet care. At InterZoo 2022, there was a separate pavilion with startups. Previously, such a scale was not observed. Innovations in pet food and care are a response to consumer demand for new technological solutions and products.


InterZoo 2022 took place on May 24-27 in Nuremberg, Germany. The event brought together 1,300 exhibitors. The Ukrainian global company Kormotech has been participating for ten years. Even during the war, the manufacturer presented two new products: the super-premium line Optimeal Beauty and the premium products Club 4 Paws Selection.