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Furry Heroes: How Ukrainian Cats Aid the Armed Forces and Find Friends in Kormotech Family

Journalists from Politico shared the stories of Ukrainian furry defenders, the cats Syrsky, Karolina, and Gerich, and published excerpts from the advertising collaboration of the cat Shaybik and Kormotech.

Shaybik (@shaybaboy) became known on social media thanks to the military man Oleksandr Lyashuk (@a_lyashuk_), who began posting videos and photos with the cat. The fluffy companion was one of four kittens living with Oleksandr's unit on the southern front in 2022.

"Shaybik was the most charismatic cat. It got cold, so I took him in a sleeping bag one evening. That's when I fell in love with that cat. He's not just my best friend, he's my son," says 26-year-old Oleksandr.

In September, Shaybik received a special award for helping raise funds to buy seven vehicles for the Armed Forces!

Recently, the Kormotech team invited furry influencers to join the Kormotech Family photo album and share their unique stories. Shaybik was among the first to support our initiative, involving his four-pawed friends: cats Bandera, Thomas, and Marusik, and a Yorkshire terrier named Porsche.

The project aims to unite all pet parents who share the common core value of love for animals and create a unique platform where everyone can share their stories.

Over 400 Ukrainian four-pawed friends have already joined the project! You, too, can become part of this incredible story!