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Kormotech Transformation with "RISE with SAP"

It is a shared project with Enzym that will help companies improve all business processes, increase productivity and optimize costs. Therefore, it is faster to adapt to changes in the market.

Kormotech and Enzym are family businesses in the second generation. Every year, the capacities of the companies are growing: we are already leaders in our fields in Ukraine and are developing as global players. It needs constant improvement.

"RISE with SAP" is a software product for a company that seeks to become an intelligent enterprise based on implementing the SAP S/4HANA ERP system in the cloud. It will help focus on innovation, reduce operating costs and increase process efficiency.

"They decided to start the transformation of the company last year. The solution required careful preparation, first of all, in the selection of a vendor and transformation partner. KPMG experts in implementing and supporting ERP systems and information technologies were involved in this process. The project has several stages. The first is a pilot run of the system for Kormotech. It was planned for the first half of next year," said Kormotech CEO Rostyslav Vovk.

Introducing a cloud solution will increase productivity and optimize costs for companies. We will get a multifaceted business vision, allowing us to make management decisions more quickly and respond to market and customer requirements more quickly.