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Kormotech increases focus on innovation by establishing venture arm in the UK

Kormotech increases focus on innovation by establishing a venture arm in the UK

Kormotech has established Kormotech Ventures, headquartered in London to combine investment and innovation strategies in international markets.

The venture arm of Kormotech, as a stand-alone company, will focus on innovative pet care companies in Europe and the US seeking early-stage investment. In addition, the company will fully manage projects as the majority shareholder. Kormotech's core business will continue to focus on its flagship brands and expansions across Central and Eastern Europe.

Rostyslav Vovk, CEO and shareholder of the most prominent Ukrainian pet food producer Kormotech emphasized the importance of maintaining the company's principal values of agility and openness to learning in crucial parts of its ecosystem.

"As we continue to grow our core business, we want to ensure the strong entrepreneurial spirit that inspired the founding of Kormotech 20 years ago and ultimately achieve leading positions in our strategic markets," explained the CEO.

Kormotech Ventures' primary goal is to incubate and scale innovative companies by developing the next generation of solutions that combine nutrition, technology, and world-class talent to make a difference for pets and their parents.

The company has acquired a majority stake in Rocketo, the first transaction completed under the new structure.

Rocketo is an organic, air-dried dog food brand focused on scaling the UK market by developing a genuinely omnichannel distribution. In addition to direct online sales via its website, Rocketo is participating in the Future Brands program at Sainsbury's with its innovative range of functional and organic dog treats.

“As a family-owned business, we are committed to adding value to our partners by sharing our manufacturing and supply chain expertise and the potential of our industry-leading talent, which will be shared at the Kormotech Ventures level," added Kormotech's CEO.

Kormotech Ventures can be contacted at [email protected] for media inquiries and cooperation.