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Kormotech becomes a partner of the major online supermarket Sezamo in Romania

Kormotech, a Ukrainian pet food manufacturer, has expanded its distribution channels in Romania.

In February 2024, the company signed an agreement with the Sezamo, which became the first online supermarket in Romania where Kormotech represents its products.

"Sezamo is part of the European group of companies Rohlik Group, with its main office in the Czech Republic. This is an excellent partner in promoting and strengthening our brands in the Romanian market.

Sezamo is an innovative company with "unicorn" status, expanding throughout Europe and introducing a new standard of service," says Hery Ciurariu, regional manager of Kormotech in Romania.

According to the agreement, Kormotech will sell the products of its premium and super-premium brands - Club 4 Paws and Optimeal on the online platform.

"Now, thanks to the Sezamo platform, our clients in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, can receive products of the brands Club 4 Paws and Optimeal with home delivery in just two hours," said Nadia Cherevatenko, e-commerce manager of the company in Romania.

"We expect that cooperation with online supermarket will support our strategic marketing development and offer our clients in Romania a full range of cat and dog food from Club 4 Paws and Optimeal," says Hery Ciurariu.

Sezamo is an online supermarket part of the European group of companies Rohlik, one of Europe's most essential electronic product companies. It operates actively in the Czech Republic (Rohlik. cz), Hungary (Kifli. hu), Austria (Gurkerl. at), and Germany ( Rohlik launched Sezamo in Romania in 2022.
In 2022, the total turnover of the group of companies amounted to almost 600 million euros.

Kormotech is also developing traditional distribution channels in parallel to achieve a goal of 10% market share of pet food in Romania by 2028.

"We are also negotiating partnerships with leading distributors to meet clients' diverse needs. For consumers, it is important to buy and try our products from different sources," adds Hery Ciurariu.

The priority of the company's export activity is Romania, which accounts for about 20% of total exports from Ukraine. Kormotech has increased its dynamics in the Romanian market since 2020 and has built a local sales team that knows the local market and customer requirements to implement the company's strategy.

In January 2024, monthly sales of Kormotech in Romania exceeded 1.2 million euros, with export indicators increasing by +53% in euros and +37% in tons compared to January 2023.