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Kormotech presented new Optimeal and Club 4 Paws pet food lines at the Zoomark 2023 exhibition

Zoomark 2023 exhibition is a significant event in the global pet industry, bringing together leading manufacturers, distributors, exporters, and retailers who explore new products, study market trends, and seek partners. The exhibition featured manufacturers from 57 countries, 27,000 buyers from 85 countries, and 1,200 innovative products for pets.


Well-known brands in the international pet food market, Optimeal, and Club 4 Paws, introduced their pet food lines: Optimeal Beauty and Club 4 Paws Selection, offering a wide selection of diets supporting pet beauty and longevity.

Kormotech continues introducing its products to the world. We already export them to 39 countries worldwide, including the USA, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc. This applies to both our brands and our partner brands.

Participating in international exhibitions, especially in highly competitive markets, is crucial. It helps enhance brand recognition, build a reliable reputation, enter new countries, determine our new strategic partners, and level up our partnership. 

The team unanimously noted that the stand was crowded, and the business meeting schedule was exceptionally busy. This means that Kormotech attracted the attention of distributors, suppliers, and retailers. For example, for the Optimeal Beauty line, the team found three new partners who are manufacturers of freeze-dried products.

"There is a growing demand for snacks. This year, we introduced the first snacks using freeze-drying technology and alternative proteins (insect or plant protein)," shared Igor Blystiv, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Kormotech, -  Sustainability remains a stable trend - using environmentally friendly approaches to pet food production, such as the transition to biodegradable packaging and the increasing demand for alternative proteins (which reduces emissions). However, new products with alternative proteins are also emerging. Many European companies outsource their production to Eastern countries included. We assume that the need for more production capacities is the main problem in our industry amid the rapid market development. It is a sensible decision to invest in expanding the production capacities every year!"

There is also a noticeable demand for humanization.

One of our essential focuses was motivating our global pet care community partners to support social initiatives. We constantly strive to ensure that attention and help to Ukrainian animals do not disappear and remain high on the global humanitarian and business community agenda.

At Zoomark 2023, Kormotech presented the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative, aimed at helping animals suffering from the war. Thanks to the U-Hearts Foundation and the organizers of Zoomark International, support was obtained from BolognaFiere exhibitors, and over 20 pallets of humanitarian aid were collected, including food, litter, bowls, carriers, and beds. Now, the four-legged ones are provided with food and necessary supplies.

The Save Pets of Ukraine initiative also showcased the book "Saving Pets (and People) in Ukraine" at the exhibition, which could be purchased at the stand. The book contains stories of people and animals saving each other. All proceeds from the sales will be directed toward helping cats and dogs in shelters.

"We remain at the TOP in terms of interest in our brands. We are likely to gain many new partners. Our booth was fully packed with visitors throughout all three days. All meeting points were constantly occupied. What is particularly inspiring is the great interest in our brands from European partners, retailers, and distributors," shared Vasily Yatsishin, Head of Trade Marketing.

Despite the war, Kormotech is actively developing and expanding its presence in the international arena. 

We aim to achieve a sales ratio 30/70 in 2023, where 30% represents exports and 70% represents Ukraine. We are confident that we will succeed.