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Kormotech has sponsored the GlobalPETS Forum 2022

We continue to introduce the world to our brands and talk about the pet hostages of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The GlobalPETS Forum ended in Amsterdam. This is a leading event for companies from around the world that are developing the pet goods and services industry. The Petfood community demonstrates support for Ukraine and demonstrates a clear position: there were no participants from the Russian Federation at the forum.

Kormotech became one of the sponsors of the event. We are transforming from a manufacturing to a marketing and manufacturing company. Our strategy is based on innovations in approaches to the market, products and interaction with the consumer. Participation in the forum was planned last year. In the end, we decided not to give up and presented our brands.

At the Kormotech stand, the Optimeal Beauty line of premium food and CLUB 4 PAWS Selection premium products were presented. We also continue to talk about the needs of four-legged victims of the war. Attracted new partners to the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative. They also showed that despite the difficult times, business in Ukraine works and helps the economy to withstand the aggression of the Russian occupiers.

The participants and organizers of the forum were sincerely surprised by the presentation of Kormotech. The team received many words of support.

Ahead - the largest European exhibition InterZoo, which will take place in late May in Germany. We are preparing.