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Generators, outsourcing and stocks. Kormotech to provide services during blackouts

This week, new powerful generators were installed at our Ukrainian facilities in Prylbychi. This is another step to guarantee timely shipments of our products. Another additional solution which enables our company to fulfill the obligations and commitment to our clients is outsourcing and stocking products in warehouses which we already have.

A few weeks ago, we initiated the replacement of a large generator that had been powering our production lines at our largest location in the village of Prylbychi. On November 30 the generator started to provide power for producing pouches, and the next day the dry feed plant was connected to the generator as well.

Operations Director Igor Paranyak notes that the Caterpillar generators with a total capacity of 1630 kW allow smooth production at a maximum capacity for 10 hours.

In addition, our Lithuanian factory is currently covering 100% of all orders, and we are to deepen cooperation with our long-term outsourcing partners from Europe. This week we have already received the first fodder order produced outsourced. Product stocks in warehouses, including those in Europe and America, are constantly being replenished. We keep in touch with our suppliers and we are informed that 90% of Ukrainian enterprises where we buy raw materials have already been equipped with generators.

Except for this, we would like to highlight that even before the war starting in February 2022 , Kormotech had been implementing energy-efficient production strategies at all our business capacities. Thus, our plant in Lithuania has recently received a so-called "green certificate", confirming that our production process is provided with renewable energy sources. We will provide more information related a bit later.

"Of course, our clients could have  experienced certain discomforts - the absence of specific products at certain times in specific places, - says Kormotech CEO Rostyslav Vovk. - It was inevitable under these circumstances. Our team did and continues to do their best to be able to keep to the schedule approved previously. Our managers are always available and are keeping in touch with the clients. In the coming months, we are sure to work hard - but by the end of December, we plan to reach the potentially required capacity and stabilized  schedules."