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"Eat Well. Sleep Well". Optimeal and Special Project for Responsible Pet Owners

Optimeal and have created a unique "Eat Well. Sleep Well" project for all caring pet owners. It reveals the secrets of a long, happy, and healthy life for your beloved pets.

What would they tell each other and their owners if dogs could talk? Probably about their boundless love, the joy of walking with their "own" human in the autumn park or along the summer river, their favorite treats, and perhaps about what ails them and where they feel discomfort.

Unfortunately, they don't speak, so owners must find everything independently. Optimeal and have launched the unique "Eat Well. Sleep Well" project for all caring pet owners to ease this challenging task. It unveils the secrets of your beloved pet's long, happy, and healthy life. What could be more valuable than advice from a responsible brand to responsible owners? Only joint responsible actions. Because true love is care.


All health secrets are in one place.

Here, you will learn:

  • What is included in the list of prohibited foods for dogs?
  • What the formula for a solid immune system looks like (and learn about its components).
  • How to understand that your pet needs help even before the first symptoms of illness appear.
  • How to introduce continuous immune support through balanced nutrition.

The project's goal is to show that there is an accurate way to strengthen the immunity of any dog, regardless of its breed, age, and individual characteristics. Don't delay and involve others – a lot of helpful information awaits you on the project page.

Let's value and take care of our beloved pets!