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Four-pawed Active Lifestyle: How Ukrainian pet product brands created a product for energetic dogs

Premium pet food brand for cats and dogs, Club 4 Paws, in collaboration with Ukrainian brands PULLER and Masterzoo, introduces an exclusive product – the updated dry dog food, Club 4 Paws Active, available exclusively through the Club 4 Paws online store and the Masterzoo network.

Recent trends toward a healthy lifestyle indicate that more pet parents prefer engaging in active games with their pets outdoors. Therefore, Club 4 Paws, in collaboration with the Ukrainian brand PULLER, known for its unique animal sports equipment, has relaunched the Club 4 Paws Active product line.

Club 4 Paws Active is a range of food designed for active and sporty dogs aged one year and above, suitable for small and medium breeds. The unique formula of the food contains an optimal ratio of proteins to fats – 30/18 for small breeds and 28/15 for medium breeds, helping to maintain muscle mass and necessary energy. The extract from grape seeds, included in the "Club 4 Paws Active" product, protects cells from the impact of free radicals, which is particularly important for active animals.

"We researched to assess how consumers perceive the idea of such a collaboration and saw that in this partnership of a sports brand and dog food, our clients see not only stimulation for the dog's activity but also an active human lifestyle. We believe that spending quality time together will contribute to more harmonious relationships between the pet and the owner!" says Halyna Tsehelnyk, brand manager of Club 4 Paws.

A QR code linking to video tutorials on using the PULLER is placed on the packaging. The training projectile consists of two rings, allowing various exercises such as running, jumping, and pulling, providing the dog with complete physical and emotional stress.

PULLER exercises for 20 minutes provide the dog with a load equivalent to 5 km of running in intensive mode or a 2-hour session with an instructor on the field. Games with pets contribute to better interaction between humans and their furry friends, improve the psycho-emotional state, and reduce stress. Owners of fluffy friends better understand behavior, body language, character, and their needs during play or training. Since many games require movement, they promote improvement in the physical health of both the owner and the pet, develop attention and coordination, and enhance intellectual abilities.