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Club 4 Paws та гурт Курган і Agregat створили правила для відповідальних, але неідеальних петперентів

Even those who don't like rules have them. The band "Kurhan and Agregat," in collaboration with Club 4 Paws, shared their rules for responsible but imperfect pet parents and created tracks for alarms to avoid missing morning walks or lunch for their furry friends.

What's this collaboration about?

It's about acknowledging that we are not perfect, but we proudly and responsibly carry our unconditional love for our pets.

Alarm Tracks

Perfect pet parents don't exist, but with new alarm tracks, everyone can feel like a true superhero for their pet. Short and catchy phrases will help you wake up and remember that while you may not be perfect, you are still responsible.

How do you download the alarms?

Instructions for iPhone

As part of the campaign, you can help the furry friends at the Patron Pet Center, a shelter for homeless animals, by purchasing dry food from Club 4 Paws. To make your help even more impactful, Club 4 Paws will double the amount of food purchased—after your purchase, they will send twice as many treats to the cats and dogs at the Patron Pet Center.

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