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Club 4 Paws created a new pet food line

We present pet food for treating dogs and cats in Ukraine. And also - we are launching the brand manifesto "Love is always on time".

During the war, pets became our anti-stress. It was from the desire to please them that the idea to create the Club 4 Paws Selection line was born because treats are one way to thank animals for their support.

Kormotech has introduced a new technology for producing wet pet food, the Power Heater. Also, we developed a new cut of this type of fodder. These technologies fit perfectly into the concept of delicious products for pets. We invented the recipes of the line taking into account these two technologies.

In Ukraine, Club 4 Paws Selection starts with the brand manifesto "Love is always in time." This is the manifesto of every Ukrainian for whom pets became permission and a reason to be happy during the war.

"Not in time" is one of the most popular expressions of this war. This is not the time to be happy, go to cafes, wear dresses, or live. And all the more to pamper someone. And when then?

Cats and dogs make us smile every day. Treating them means showing your love. Club 4 Lapy is a Ukrainian brand that also suffers from war. And we also find joy in interacting with our pets and the opportunity to pamper them with delicious treats because love is always on time.