Humane education lessons began in Lviv schools

First humane education lessons were held in 16 Lviv schools as part of “The Little Prince: Lviv that loves animals” programme.

This course is unique both for Lviv and Ukraine in general. It was initiated by the “Kormotech” company. Lviv City Hall Department of education, via the Lviv Training and Methodological Centre, has picked up the idea and began developing teaching materials for the course. The project was consulted by the “Humane Education Academy”, which allowed to fill the course with materials from global practice. And the “Lev” Lviv municipal enterprise invites children to show by examples of their wards the consequences of irresponsibility towards pets. “The aim of this course is fostering cultured, responsible attitude towards animals. This relates to the concept of biocentrism, which is being actively discussed in Europe. It states, that all living creatures are equal and have their rights and freedoms” says Kateryna Kovalyuk, project coordinator and head of public relations in Kormotech.

The course developers aimed to make it as interactive as possible: developed teaching materials for teachers and a colourful notebook. The goal was to stimulate real, rather than virtual, communication between children, and as such all 4 lessons of the programme are based on interactive technology. This includes didactic games, role-playing games and interactive exercises.

Tetyana Strilchuk, biology teacher from the “Sykhivska” gymnasium, also commented upon the new humane education course. She remarked that such lessons were sorely missing from the general biology curriculum.

The main goal, according to the project organizers, is developing the culture of responsible attitude towards animals, that is, humane treatment, the practical understanding of responsibility towards them and, as a result, reduce the amount of stray animals in Lviv.

After the pilot launch of the course in 16 schools, implementation of humane education in all places of education in Lviv. “Right now we’re testing the course in some schools, then we collect feedback and tweak it accordingly so as to launch the course in all Lviv schools in May of 2017” adds Kateryna Kovalyuk.