With the support of “Kormotech” and “CLUB 4 PAWS”, a conference for dog owners was held in Ukraine.

The event brought together breeders, trainers, doctors and responsible owners for whom dogs are real companions.

On April 21-22, a conference on dog behaviour P2Pforum 2018 took place in Kyiv. For two days, animal behaviourists, veterinarians, nutritionists and other specialists of the branch shared their insights into communication and understanding with animals, effective training, proper nutrition, dog fitness, etc.

The participants learned how to awaken readiness to cooperate in a dog, how and why people and dogs coexisted in the past, what is happening at present and what is to be expected in the future, why dogs should be neutered, which contraindications there are and how it affects health and behaviour; what is strictly prohibited from being in an animal’s diet and whether vitamin and mineral supplements are needed for a pet; how to keep a pet in the perfect physical form, and how to act when an animal needs urgent medical help.

фото 2Speakers of the conference included a pet behaviour correction expert Oksana Halan, expert on fitness and sports medicine Natalia Podobreyeva, animal behaviourists Ksenia Avimova and Maria Petropolska, veterinarians Yulia Kalashnikova and Nadia Karas, science journalist and author of the blog “Everything as animals should have” Evgeniya Timonova and psychologist Vitaly Baranovsky.

The main partners of P2Pforum 2018 were the “Kormotech” company and the “CLUB 4 PAWS” brand.

“Our company employs 600 people. About 80% of them have cats and dogs. It is love for the four-pawed that is the driving force behind the “Kormotech” development. We strive to make Ukrainians more humane, more progressive and more responsible in their attitude towards animals. Therefore, we strongly support such events”, noted Iryna Voitovych, “Kormotech” communications manage, at the opening of P2Pforum 2018.

The P2Pforum 2018 organiser is the Pets&People School of Understanding.