Ukrainian cat food will be exported to Finland and the United Kingdom

Kormotech has started Private Label production for two more distributors in Northern Europe

The company expands its markets. The Kormotech products will now be sold in the United Kingdom and Finland. These are Premium and Super Premium diets for cats of private label brands for local distributors.

19 tons of pet-food have already been shipped to Great Britain. The country is in the top ten most developed pet food markets in the world.

Our British distributor was previously known exclusively for pet treats. Now they have included Kormotech’s dry food for cats in their product range and have already received samples of wet pet food for tasting. In the UK market, 75% of sales are actually wet diets. For us, this is an advantage: Kormotech runs a wet pet food production plant in Lithuania, ” Ihor Paraniak, COO Kormotech, said.

5 tons of Super Premium food have already been shipped to Finland. The Finnish partner is interested in cooperating with Kormotech. Distributor “Akvaario Riekkala Oy” is ready to expand its product range with trademarks of the company.

Currently, the share of Kormotech exports has reached around 15%. The goal of the company by 2023 is to become one of the top 50 industry leaders in the world.

In order to achieve the goal, Kormotech will increase its exports threefold. Expanding into powerful North European markets also brings us closer to our goal. Great Britain is one of the countries where imported goods require AFKO certification with its fairly rigorous procedure. The same applies, in particular, to the United States. Since Kormotech has already exported its brands to America, we expect a simplified certification system to begin exporting to the UK“, Ihor Paraniak added.