In 2018, Kormotech increased its sales by 33% in cash and by 19% in basic size, compared to 2017. It is the amount of 37 thousand tons against 31 thousand tons during the previous year.

“2018 was extremely dynamic for the whole team. We increased production capacity in Ukraine and started construction of the first plant abroad. The growth of production remains our long-term tendency. The rebranding of premium TM CLUB 4 PAWS was carried out. Our company expanded into a new market of international cooperation. We managed to get a license to export products under our brands to the US, as well as to sign contracts with Chile and Sweden”, says Rostislav Vovk, CEO of Kormotech.

Last year our company increased sales of its production in export markets up to 12.4%. Kormotech began selling rations under its own brands in the United States through the Amazon website. The products are shipped from their own warehouses in the states of Maryland and California. New partners of Private Label line are Chile and Sweden.

At present, we export products to 19 countries: USA, Sweden, France, Chile, Estonia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

According to the results of 2018, the company’s share in the Ukrainian market amounted to about 34% in terms of sales. Of these, 28% are brands of Kormotech, and 6% are products of Private Label line.

«We continue to develop the industry and take care of the welfare of the four-legged pets in Ukraine. We managed to join a number of actions and develop our own social projects, such as the All-Ukrainian action “Take a dog to work”, the school Optimeal Expert” and others “, – adds the director of the company.

In 2019, Kormotech plans to provide its first shipments of the Private Label line products to Great Britain and Finland. Also, we plan to advance our brands to American trade networks, as well as to those of Hungary, Lebanon, Libya and the Czech Republic.

The main priorities of Kormotech are expansion into export markets and strengthening of its position in Ukraine. To do this, the company will continue to invest in the development of its own food brands for cats and dogs. And it will also invest in the team growth. In particular, the training of their own nutritionists – there were no such kind of specialists in Ukraine up till now.

«We can see Kormotech in the ranking of the TOP-50 producers of pet food in the world, so we are actively working to meet the most ambitious tastes of our four-legged pets not only in Ukraine,” adds Rostislav Vovk.