A way to America. Kormotech obtained a permit to export its products to the US

Late in March, the company received an official letter from the United States Department of Agriculture. It confirms: the American government satisfied Kormotech’s request for importation and distribution of the company’s products in the US territory.

 Rostyslav Vovk, Kormotech’s CEO, tells us how they overcame the cherished path:

“Being recognized in the US market is not just a praise. It’s a victory of everyone involved in the creation of our products. I knew we would manage to pass this milestone. From the launch of our first factory until today, we are geared towards world standards, controlling product quality in all stages of production. Our team of quality engineers compiled a 100-page document package”.

 To obtain this permit, the company undertook to provide to the US National Center for Import and Export a package of documents including:

  • information about all the raw material types used by the company in production;
  • letters of commitment from the company and all its suppliers confirming that the raw materials prohibited in the US are not used in Kormotech’s product formulas;
  • description of all the technical production processes, equipment, and quality standards.

“The easiest of the requirements was to agree upon the quality control procedure. It assumes monitoring of the entire production process, from arrival of raw materials to output of a finished product”, says Ihor Paraniak, Kormotech’s production director. “Such a procedure had already been agreed upon at the production before. We control product quality at 60 points of the production line. It gave us an advantage and simplified the process of all standardizations both in Ukraine and Europe. Now, doors are also open to the US!”.

In the US, there were more than 163 million domestic dogs and cats in 2015. 80% of Americans feed their pets with ready diets, according to PLOS ONE scientific magazine.

The company is going to win the US zoomarket first of all with Optimeal super-premium brand. Kormotech managers will tell about novelties prepared for the overseas paws a little later.