At the «In Search of Made in Ukraine» festival, restaurant for dogs saved the animals from hot weather

This past weekend, the capital city hosted the «In Search of Made in Ukraine» festival, whose participants had an opportunity to take their pets to the dog restaurant of the TM Club 4 Paws. The restaurant is interesting by both its morsels for people and animals, and by the real infrastructure for animals.

Over the two days, the restaurant team treated people and dogs to various delicacies. The animals could taste the TM Club 4 Paws foods, and the people were offered a true experiment – a dish prepared from the same products that are used in the production of the domestic-made pet foods! A professional chef treated the restaurant guests to meat croquettes made from chicken meat, beef, and corn. In that way the pet owners could be sure that their pets consume foods prepared from natural products.

Infrastructure for dogs

At the same time, the restaurant team had not forgotten to take care of the pets themselves. Over the two days of the festival the weather was very hot, and in the restaurant there were bowls of cold water waiting for the thirsty animals. And not just bowls, but bowls on special tables. All of those were of different height, to make it equally convenient for small and large dogs.  You should have seen those happy eyes when the animals got a drink of cold water in the hot weather! They ardently wiggled their tails, as if thanking the restaurant team for the timely care.

The animals also could hide from the heat under a special sun shade for the animals, and next to the restaurant, special posts were set for the responsible owners to clean after their pets.

These seemingly simple things can greatly improve life for both dogs and their owners, so the guests were happy to use all those amenities.