Innovations,that are at the very core of KORMOTECH are one of the main driving forces of company development. Our technologists and consultants are constantly working on improving the existing and creating new recipes.

We invest in the development and study for all our employees to increase their professional level and personal development. In 2013, we opened up our own R&D department.

All pet feed recipes were developed by KORMOTECH specialists together with experts from the PETFOOD WORLDWIDE DEVELOPMENT (USA) and PETFOOD SPECIALITIES (Poland), with supervision by Ukrainian vets.

Before releasing it to the market, every product is tested and approved by reputable industry experts:

  • Dutch Institute for animal nutrition KENNEL DE MORGENSTOND
  • The French College of Veterinary Medicine ONIRIS (food study and engineering)
  • Ukrainian State Research Control Institute.


The entire KORMOTECH product range complies with the legal quality requirements of the EU:


The quality management system in the food industry is introduced and certified in the company: compliance with ISO 22000


The quality management system in the food industry that meets the standard FSSC 22 000 2011 with Euronumber issue is introduced, which proves compliance with a wide range of safety requirements:

We control the quality and nutritional property of the product on all stages of its production:

  • Auditing of every stock provider before working with them
  • Stock inspection in KORMOTECH labs; we only allow the usage of the stock when a full set of auxiliary documents that ensure quality and safety is present
  • Systemic control of incoming stock for protein, fat, ash, calcium and phosphorus for the purpose of guaranteeing nutritional quality of the final product. Simultaneous monitoring of these indicators in an already finished product
  • Measurement of antioxidant levels according to European standards during production. We also use ciliate culture when testing stock.
  • 70% of stock used in the manufacture of rations is of Ukrainian origin, which guarantees its freshness, quality and delivery speed.