Optimeal and CLUB 4 PAWS became partners of international dog shows in Kiev

On 24-26 of August the capital gathered dog beau monde from all over Europe. The Ukrainian Kennel Union hosted for the first time one of the most prestigious events in modern cynology — the Cup of Central and Eastern Europe-2018. Traditionally, the summer international exhibitions “Golden pectoral” and “Golden Scythians” were also held. The partners of the event were premium and super – premium feed brands “CLUB 4 PAWS” and “Optimeal”.

The three-day competition brought together participants from Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Azerbaijan, Greece, Hungary, Japan, China, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Great Britain and other countries. Its exterior qualities in the show rings were presented by almost 5000 dogs of 200 breeds. They were evaluated by 22 authoritative judges from 11 states.

Fans of exotic and sports training attended demonstrations of dancing with dogs. Young cynologists presented their skills in the Junior-handling competition. Visitors were also able to learn more about canistherapy for children with disabilities at the traditional Friendship playground and watch a circus show with four-legged artists.

The most numerous breeds on the exhibitions were Labrador Retriever, Schnauzers, American Staffordshire Terrier, Cane Corso, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Pug, Russian Black Terrier. And the most rare breeds in Ukraine were represented by Portuguese Podengo, Ibizan Hound, Finnish Lapphund, Susex Spaniel, Hokkaido, Small Vantacici Basset Griffon, Paraoh Hound the Spanish Greyhound, Spanish Water Dog, Roman Water Dog, Dutch Cocker Spaniel. The tallest representatives of the dog world on the exhibitions were the Irish Wolfhound (up to 79 cm) and German Dane (up to 86 cm), but among the miniature dogs you could see the Chihuahua (15 cm) and the Russian Toy (20 cm).

international dog shows in Kiev

Last year the Ukrainian Kennel Union hosted in Kiev Euro Dog Show. Partners of the exhibition were brands Optimeal and CLUB 4 PAWS.

Ukrainian Kennel Union is the most massive and authoritative domestic NGO that deals with purebred breeding and protection of dogs. Its members became winners of the international European and world exhibitions multiple times. UKU takes care of more than 300 thousand dogs of 300 breeds. Annually in the stud book log more than 10 thousand litters and almost 40 thousand puppies are recorded. More than a thousand of Ukrainian dogs have the Interchampion title.