Polish professor’s lecture will promote development of “clean competition” among Ukrainian doctors — veterinarian

The large-scale scale XIV International Congress of Ukrainian veterinary medicine experts was recently held in Kyiv. As a tradition, the Kormotech company acted as a partner in the event and took the lead in organizing a lecture by a Polish Veterinary Medicine Professor Jacek Sterna, giving Ukrainian experts an opportunity for international exchange of experience.
In the course of the Congress, the respectable professor presented a report on “Plastic reconstruction of tibia in treatment of the anterior cruciate ligament rupture and other treatment methods”. That subject is narrowly specialized, but the lecture was attended by close to a hundred Ukrainian veterinarians from many cities.
Supporting the development of veterinary in Ukraine is one of the company’s top-priority social projects. Why? This can best explained by the veterinarians who attended Jacek Sterna’s lecture, thanks to the project for support to the veterinary medicine development of Ukraine.
Igor Maksymovych, PhD (Veterinary), Assistant Professor with the Department of Internal Diseases and Clinical Diagnostics at the Lviv S.Z. Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies, was present at Jacek Sterna’s report and believes that such experience will undoubtedly be useful for Ukrainian veterinarians.
“The lecture was useful for us. The applied nature of the lecture — to show what can be done in practical terms, why it is necessary to learn, improve, share experiences with colleagues in the profession. This will promote “clean competition” among the specialists, encourage them to develop, to work better, in a professional manner”, says Igor Maksymovych. – The European experience is ahead of the Ukrainian one, and not only in surgery but in other specialized areas of veterinary medicine too. Foreign experts’ advancement is to a large extent connected to economic factors, I mean people’s paying capacity, the prices of equipment, etc. Therefore it is necessary to implement the exchange of international experience, since conferences like this one produce a positive impact on the development of veterinary medicine in Ukraine, and are a key tool (bridge) on Ukraine’s progress towards the EU. I would add that in this way we create a “springboard” for the European influence, as well as conditions for the development of good neighbourly relations”.
Igor Maksymovych also added that the experiences shared by the Polish professor had almost never been used in Ukraine before, so some positive changes and improvements in the professionalism of veterinary care can be expected.
Background note:
Kormotech is the first Ukrainian company offering the world high-quality foods for cats and dogs (ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 standard, Euronumber). Over 12 years of its existence, the company has won 31% of the market and entered the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa. The company is socially responsible, that is why it develops the culture of attitude towards animals in our country and, in particular, the veterinary sector, within the Project of Veterinary and Felinology Development in Ukraine. In that area, Kormotech joins partnership support for key educational and research activities carried out for the Ukrainian veterinary experts.