Kormotech has started exporting its products to Norway

The company has signed a three-year contract with the Norwegian online store Dyrekassen. The exclusive distributor will sell dry and wet diets of the super-premium brand Optimeal.

By the end of 2020, Kormotech plans to sell 18 tonnes of pet food in Norway through its exclusive distributor, Dyrekassen, an online retailer. In the next two years it is planned to sell another 100 tons of production. The company will be represented in the super-premium segment. These are dry and wet diets for cats and dogs under the brand name Optimeal.

“We are actively working to reach export markets across Scandinavia. These are countries with very high product quality requirements, and our company is ready to comply. In the previous years, Kormotech had undergone all the necessary procedures to enter the US and UK markets. The quality of our products fully fits the expectations of the Nordic countries as well. The Ukrainian super premium product is as good as the European one, but has a more attractive price. We are on our way to become one of the world’s top fifty pet food manufacturers,” says Kormotech CEO Rostyslav Vovk.

Together with its new partner, Kormotech is also working on selling Optimeal after the lockdown in the garden centres of Norway and Sweden. We are talking about 220 stores.

“Our work is strategically important to Ukraine and to at least the other 28 countries, especially in quarantine times. A pet is a family member and proper care requires a good diet. Optimeal is a super-premium food line that takes into account the age and breed characteristics of cats and dogs,” Rostyslav Vovk added.

Norway has become the 29th export country for Kormotech. Over the past two years, the company has signed contracts with the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Chile.