Kormotech won the tender for pet food production for a company in Chile

Kormotech has bypassed European pet food manufacturers from the Czech Republic and Poland and started collaborating in Private Label with the Chilean distributor Anasac Ambiental.

Representatives of our company met with future partners during the participation of Kormotech at Pets Arabia exhibition in the Arab Emirates in June 2017.

Preparation for cooperation lasted six months. After winning the tender, Kormotech team has agreed recipes, packaging design and produced feeds. Representatives of Anasac Ambiental have audited the production, and tested feeds on the tasting panel.

In November 2018 four containers of 43 tons of ready feed for cats went to Chile. This January, the first cargo crossed the Chilean border. The rest are expected at the end of February and in March.

«We easily passed client audit and even impressed foreign visitors with our quality control processes for incoming raw materials and finished products. Kormotech has implemented a quality management system according to FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 standards. The only new document that has been prepared by managers is the Free Sale certificate. It includes information on the composition of products and simplifies the process of registration in Chile after its arrival,” says director of production of Kormotech Igor Paranyak.

Now the company is preparing documents for the first shipments of food for dogs under the same trade mark.

«Anasac Ambiental operates throughout Latin America. In the future, we plan to increase the number of export countries. Therefore, we hope to cooperate with Chilean partner and other South American countries not only in Private Label, but also with the brands of Kormotech,” adds Igor Paranyak.