Kormotech Helped to Insure Lviv Doctors

The Kormotech and Enzym family companies transferred UAH 150,000 to the insurance fund covering physicians working with COVID-19 patients in the Lviv oblast. The creation of the fund was initiated by the regional state administration with the support of local businesses.

Lviv entrepreneurs covered the insurance of 3,200 medical workers involved in the fight against coronavirus infection. More than UAH 3 million was raised for the launch of the insurance program. 

“My sister and I did not hesitate for a minute. Upon receiving the request, we immediately decided to join the initiative. Now, if any Lviv doctor tests positive for a COVID-19 infection, they will receive money for treatment. We hope that the insurance policy will give doctors a sense of confidence and security at the forefront!”, said Rostyslav Vovk, CEO of Kormotech.

As of May 6, there are 62 confirmed cases of infection among medical workers in the Lviv oblast,  Lviv regional state administration reported. If the lockdown is lifted, the balance from the fund’s account will be distributed among physicians affected by the spread of the disease in the region.

Kormotech also continues to provide personal protective equipment to its employees. In recent months, the company has spent more than UAH 400,000 on respirators, reusable masks, gloves, and hand and room disinfectants.

It will be recalled that Rostyslav and Olena Vovk, owners of the Kormotech and Enzym family companies, were among the first in Lviv to announce assistance to medical institutions in the fight against coronavirus infection. Entrepreneurs purchased ventilators, heart monitors, syringe dispensers, oxygen generators, express-tests, respirators and special protective suits for the municipal hospitals for UAH 4 million.