Kormotech Supported Triple CACIB* to Take Place in Ukraine for the First Time

On August 28 through 30, 2015, Kyiv for the first time hosted three simultaneous exhibitions: the Golden Pectoral, the Scythian Gold and the Kyiv Sophia. Their organizers decided to give breeders a chance to experience the three-day exhibition and to rehearse before the Euro Dog Show 2017.

The most popular breed at that exhibition was theGolden Retriever. The ring of Golden Retrievers that TM Optimeal supported at the Golden Pectoral gathered 20 of the best. The Austrian referee Monika Blaha, however, suggested that the quality of the Ukrainian dogs should be improved: «Earlier, the quality was better. Ukrainian Labradors are small in size. It is possible to import new blood, for example, from Italy or Germany, and in one or two generations your dogs will be much better». But still, the referee could not help but yield to the charm of Teddy (Firequest Thinking Big) from Kyiv, and he did win the title of the best in the breed.

On the first day, the exhibition marathon was only gaining momentum. Olena Sklyarova explained: “Each day, one and the same dog could win one international title plus a national one, which can then be taken into account in the awarding of the title of international champion for the exterior, that is “Interchampion”. Now, for financial and other reasons, people find it difficult to travel, either within Ukraine or abroad. Therefore they can kill two birds with one stone: to become the champion of Ukraine, maybe even a multiple one, and win international titles”.

At the Saturday’s Scythian Gold, TM “Club 4 Paws” cheered for the German shepherds. Dogs at the exhibition were assessed by a referee with over forty years of experience of work with that particular breed, Valery Zamlynsky. He made every dog run for more than one time and examined them very carefully from all possible angles. “Any working dog must be resilient, tireless and able to deliver its body to the right point in the shortest possible time”, the internationally certified referee explained his diligence. Based on those and other properties, he declared Sergiy Akatov’s pet Amadeus-Burg to be the best. By the way, both the referee and the winner agreed that foods by TM “Club 4 Paws” are the best for their dogs.

On the third competition day, the rings got noticeably less crowded. Although the International Exhibition Centre was not as hot as it was outdoors, after the eventful Friday and Saturday the breeders and their pets got tired and started leaving for home. “In 2017, the year when Ukraine is to host the “Euro”, the world championship will be held in Ecuador. Some, of course, will go, but others will spare their dogs. Due to a long flight and very hot climate many champion titles can be lost for our dogs. Therefore the European title in 2017 will be much more significant than it might be in other years”, Olena Sklyarova said, explaining the UKU strategy.

Among those that will probably find it hardest to fly to Ecuador are Black Russian Terriers. Their hair coats are certainly not for hot countries. But in the cool air of the Kyiv exhibition they seemed to be just fine. Referee Marianne Holm from Finland was pleased with our dogs, and she declared Oksana Barska’s Ferz Zolotogo Hradu from Poltava to be the most beautiful and best-built.

In total, 162 breeds of dogs were registered for the exhibition; the three exhibitions brought together close to 4,600 dogs. Apart from the Ukrainian breeders, the exhibition was attended by Russians, Belarusians, Moldovans, Hungarians, and even two representatives from the UK. This year the exhibition for the first time registered a Bavarian Hound and a Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog.

As it turned out, a three-day international championship is a difficult but quite realistic thing. After that, it was not only dogs that became tougher, but also breeders and the UKU experts. Now they look forward to the final exhibition in Kyiv later this year, and of course, with even greater impatience – to the Euro Dog Show 2017. And the “Club 4 Paws” trademark will be happy to help them prepare for the responsible rings!

«CACIB*» – Certificat d’Aptitude au Champional International de Beaute. A dog that won the CACIB title wins a chance to become a champion in the international arena.