Kormotech Named as One of the Best Participants of the Searching for Made in Ukraine Festival

Ukrainians do have something to be proud of – and that’s the conscientious domestic commodity producers. And the team of one of such producers, Kormotech Company, received a pleasant award from the organizers of the Searching for Made in Ukraine Festival which offers only products made in Ukraine.

Despite the entrance to the European and world markets, the acknowledgement of Ukrainian consumers is very important for the whole team. Moreover, Kormotech received an award from the organizers of the broadest-scale, the most interesting and the best festival of Ukrainian products called Searching for Made in Ukraine which is a holiday for all participants and guests that has taken place three years in a row now.

The mastermind of the festival, journalist and blogger Yulia Savostina, honored the team of Kormotech as a regular, reliable and stable participant of the festival which kept on surprising visitors with its interesting ideas, broad range of goods and, of course, high quality of products!

“It’s been the tenth festival, and we have had more than thousand participants during all this time, that is why we decided to honor the best ones, – said Yulia Savostina giving out the awards. – When the team of Kormotech arrived for the third time at the festival, at Kontraktova Square in Kyiv, it came up with an absolutely incredible idea. Ukraine had never seen such a thing before – the dog restaurant! People could come with their pets and give them to try some of the professional Ukrainian rations. This team has been with us from the very beginning of the festival, therefore they win the “Dinosaurs of the Festival” nomination.

Dog restaurants every time become the adornment, the zest of the Searching for Made in Ukraine Festival, and traditionally attract a lot of attention of the visitors-pet owners. In the course of ten festivals, the team of CLUB 4 PAWS brand, which is represented by the company at the festival, came up with many interesting events, presents and souvenirs. You could try meals prepared by the chief-cook out of the products that the rations of CLUB 4 PAWS trademark are made of, four-leg visitors could taste them, receive stylish cloaks, unique dog umbrellas and so on. And Kormotech is not going to stop!

See you next Searching for Made in Ukraine Festival!