CLUB 4 PAWS became an official partner of the Third open international championship of the National police of Ukraine on all-around cynologists

On 7-9 of August in Dnipro was held a competition for the title of best K9 officer in Ukraine. German shepherds from Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnitsa and Zaporozhzhya took the prizes. The official partner of the Third open national police Championship on all-around cynologists became a brand of premium feed CLUB 4 PAWS.

36 four-legged from the National police, the state crime-executive service and the state border guard service of Ukraine overcame the obstacle run, detained offenders, competed in the sample of man and things and took the trail.

The best were the dogs of the national police of Ukraine. The victory went to shepherd Alma and its handler Ivan Kavatsyuk from Ivano-Frankivsk. “This is our first victory. Last year we took eleventh place at the international championship. Alma did a good job, did everything she could. It specializes in search. Alma is quite hot-headed, and due to such a character, she is active and works faster. We work together and chill out together as well. When I go on a vacation, I always take Alma with me. We gather mushrooms, go fishing, go to the sea,” says Ivan.

The second place was taken by the German shepherd Linda and police lieutenant Vladimir Vlasenko from Vinnytsya region. The bronze went to 6-year-old dog Force and the inspector-handler of dog training center in Zaporozhzhya Sergei Golovko.

Preparation of four-legged champions requires constant training and proper diet. The winners have not only received cups, diplomas, and medals, but also supplies of premium feed from 4 PAWS CLUB called “Active”. This feed meets the high energy needs of the animal due to the balanced content of fats and proteins, with meat ingredients, enriched with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, Omega 3+, Omega 6 complex, and the INTEGRAMIX formula for a great look and health of the dog.

“In the training of K9 dogs, diet plays a special role. After all, good health of four-legged while performing the duty is important for the whole country. We make sure that our service dogs are on the same level with European colleagues. Therefore, a special product CLUB 4 PAWS “Active” was developed in cooperation with handlers for a long time. The winner from Ivano-Frankivsk, police dog Alma, eats CLUB 4 PAWS feed. Dog Force from Zaporozhzhya, which again shows good results in competitions, too. The four-legged from Canine center in Zaporizhzhya chooses 4 PAWS CLUB for the ninth consecutive year. Our product has already become a favorite for millions of animals in 10 European countries. And we continue to evolve,” – says the brand Manager of TM “CLUB 4 PAWS” Yuri Kovalyuk.

The trademark supports competitions of K9 dogs not for the first time. Last year, the CLUB 4 PAWS acted as an official partner of the First open international championship of the National police of Ukraine in all-around dog cynologists. Read more on the website

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