Family member and companion: how the status of a four-legged friend changes in Ukraine

The second annual pet owners’ conference P2Pforum 2019 took place in Kyiv

For those who care about their pet. P2Pforum was held in Ukraine under this slogan. Specialists in care, physical education, and animal behavior correction, zoopsychologists, veterinarians, nutritionists, and other specialists shared the most up-to-date science-based information on harmonious coexistence with quadrupeds.

During two days of lectures and masterclasses, 85 dog owners, 35 cat owners, and 30 zoo professionals spent 900 minutes in a thorough study of pets.

фото 2The main partners of the event for the second year in a row were Kormotech and the brand of premium food for cats and dogs CLUB 4 PAWS. P2Pforum is being supported to spread and develop the culture of humane treatment of animals in Ukraine.

Kormotech and CLUB 4 PAWS jointly introduced a course of humane education for seventh-grade pupils in all Lviv schools, created the first Ukrainian traveling dog restaurant, launched the All-Ukrainian Day “Take a Dog to Work” and have continued to develop a zoo industry in cooperation with cynologists, breeders and veterinarians.

“Our company employs over 650 people. Of these, 85% have their own pets. Love for the four-legged is the driving force behind the development of our activities. CLUB 4 PAWS invests in its philosophy the importance of the relationship between pets and their owners, the knowledge of animal rights and freedoms, and understanding of all responsibility for their four-legged companions. This is embodied in our social initiatives,” said Katerina Kovalyuk, head of the PR-department of Kormotech.

The conference for the owners of quadrupeds P2Pforum was launched last year. The initiator of the project and the organizer is the School of Mutual Understanding with Animals Pets&People.