Kormotech expands its European presence. The company is going to sign four international contracts with distributors from Germany, Spain, Italy and Turkey. The products made by Kormotech will appear on the shelves of the specified countries very soon. For these new partners, company will produce pet food of Optimeal, CLUB 4 PAWS and Private Label brands. Kormotech plans to increase its export share to 45% by 2023.

The Kormotech team recently participated in two key European exhibitions: ZOOMARK 2019 (Bologna, Italy) and PLMA’s annual “World of Private Label” International Trade Show 2019 (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
The company presented various cat and dog foods, and also held more than 80 meetings with potential partners from Canada, Ecuador, Portugal, Kuwait, Morocco, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Spain, Norway, Turkey and others. Signing of four international contracts with distributors from Germany, Spain, Italy and Turkey was the result of these bilateral meetings.

“We were impressed by the size and outcomes of these exhibitions. We held more than 80 meetings with potential partners and foreign distributors. It was agreed to sign four international contracts with European distributors on company’s brands supply and cooperation development in the “Private Label” sector, – mentioned Igor Blystiv, the CMO of Kormotech.

Kormotech plans to broaden its expansion into European pet food markets and increase its export share threefold. In 2018 it amounted to 12.5% of the produced quantity, and has increased up to 14% in the first quarter of 2019.

“Kormotech aims to increase the export share up to 45% by 2023. To make this target real we need to actively expand into Central and Western Europe. That is why these new contacts and markets are extremely important for us”, – Igor said.
Kormotech products correspond to the world trends in the pet food industry and therefore are  competitive. 

Nowadays Kormotech manufactures the “Optimeal” pet food using the “Fresh Meat Technology”, which is popular in Europe, and develops new “Limited Ingredients”* pet food recipes, which are very popular in the US market now.  

*Limited Ingredient pet food is based on single meat protein and carbohydrate to minimize food allergies, providing balanced nutrition.