This year the Children’s Forum has become a place of acquaintance of young people not only with the book, but also with humane attitude towards animals.

For the first time within the framework of the event, Dog-friendly Zone was set up on the territory of the Palace of Arts in conjunction with the brand “Club 4 paws”, where four-legged dogs were traditionally treated in a restaurant for dogs.
The stand for children was organized by the company Kormotech, which is the initiator of the lessons of humane education in the schools of Lviv.

Every little visitor of the Children’s Forum could learn a little more about animals, their needs, emotions and responsibility for them.

“Since the topic of the Cosmovision forum was space, we developed special exercises for children related to space, there was a quiz, there were coloring books and many interactive tasks,” says the coordinator of the Little Prince project, the head of the public relations service of the company Kormotech Ekaterina Kovalyuk.

For four days, the youngest ones competed for the presents for their four-footed friends, answering the question about the first animals in space and coming up with unique names for stray dogs so that they could find their home as soon as possible. During the celebration of the opening of the Adoption Center, all the names invented by the children were handed over to future fluffy owners with the LKP “Lev”.

At the same time, children had an opportunity to get acquainted with the four-footed “workers” of the company, because Kormotech has an office friendly to animals, so employees often bring their four-legged friends to work. Beagle Berry took part in the Forum, which, of course, attracted a lot of children’s attention.

The project stand worked for four days, so dozens of children were able to understand the essence of humanity a little more, for the first time and, hopefully, not the last Children’s Forum allowed children to become more familiar with the culture of communication with animals. And they will pass the full course of humane education in the seventh grade, because now this course is in every school in Lviv.

Information sheet

Kormotech Company has been working in the animal products market for more than 13 years. The company realizes its value of love for animals not only thanks to quality products, but also a number of social projects designed to make the life of animals in Ukraine the best. Initially, the company was the initiator of the project “Little Prince. Lviv, who loves animals “and financed a pilot course of humane education. Now the project is realized thanks to the joint financing of the company and the Lviv city council.
The Educational and Methodological Education Center of Lviv is located in the structure of the Education Department of the Lviv City Council. The main goal of the activity is the methodical and information support of the educational process, the organization of educational and methodological work in general education, out-of-school and preschool educational institutions.