Dog Frisbee: dog sport for everyone!

Dogs are very skilful Frisbee players: they are dexterous, active and incredibly persistent. To show the sporting talents of the four-legged friends, in the Dog Training Sports Complex “Ukrtrans” held dog-frisbee competitions on May 13.

Dogs did not just play the Dog Frisbee, it was real competition, and the results were closely watched by Judge Polina Chaykovskaya, a certified USDDN II level judge (Moscow). The event was supported by the volunteers of the project “Friend of the Hero”. About 40 participants from different cities of Ukraine – Kriviy Rih, Zaporozhe, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, competed in such a cheerful sports game, as well as representatives from Belarus. Therefore, the competition again became international, gathering all active connoisseurs of canine sport.

“A high level of organization, a pleasant atmosphere and a large number of sponsors helped get more and more athletes involved in Dog Frisbee! And I, as the organizer, am very grateful to our sponsor TM “Club 4 Paws”, for the prizes! Each prize-winner received 3 kg of dog food, bandanas for dogs and other pleasant gifts! Athletes competed in hard categories and, what was the most upsetting, – in severe weather conditions. The wind and rain, unfortunately, did not contribute to our competitions in any way. But for such prizes, all participants were ready to remember all the throws that they know, endure the cold, wind and fog, but go to their goal! “- said Valentina Kushnirenko.


Such competitions, of course, not only develop Dog Frisbee in Ukraine, but are also an excellent example of the development of infrastructure for the four-legged friends, good attitude towards animals and the integration of dogs in our society.


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