On September 30, the company celebrated its 15th anniversary. During this time we have become leaders of cats and dogs feed in our home country and have gained international recognition.

Our rations can be bought in pet stores and veterinary clinics, grocery stores and supermarkets, as well as on the Internet.

KORMOTECH employs 650 people. Out of them, 80 percent have pets. Love for animals inspires us to create quality products and makes our offices friendly to our four-legged mates.

The company is constantly improving to meet international standards. Our goal is to enter the world  top 50 companies list.


15 KORMOTECH achievements in 15 years:

1.We are ranked 30th in the top 50 pet food manufacturers in Europe

2.We export products to 17 countries. In 2008 we started with Belarus. In 2015 our Western European conquest began – with France and the Netherlands

3.We continuously develop 4 our own brands: Optimeal CLUB 4 PAWS, Meow! And GAV! We also make production under private label

4.Our product portfolio consists of more than 500 items

5.Under TM Optimeal brand we brought to the market rations in the Super Premium segment

6.Every year we present brands at prestigious specialized exhibitions all over the world

7.We created our own R&d innovation Department

8.We started OptimealExpert school to improve the professional level of industry specialists and to develop veterinary medicine, cynology and felinology in Ukraine

9.Initiated the annual national event ” Take the Dog to Work»

10.We support shelters and volunteers in different regions

11.Started all-Ukrainian initiative ” Don’t abandon us in the ATO»

12.In all Lviv schools introduced an innovative course of humane education for seventh-graders ” Little Prince. Lviv the animal lover»

13.Help to build a training-range of venues in different cities and promote the clean-up after animals

14.Created the first in Ukraine wandering restaurant for dogs

15.In 2018, we received a veterinary permit to import products to the United States


The best is yet to come!