Safe production: KORMOTECH introduces Japanese 5S system

The winners of the annual competition to optimize the workspace were employees of the Packaging and Labelling Department

KORMOTECH began implementing the 5S system last year in July. For this purpose, an internal competition was organized. Three teams took part in it: Dry Feed Department, Wet Feed Department and Packaging and Labelling Department.

“5S is the practice of five easy steps to optimize the working space. The motto of the system is “Everything has its place.” Compliance with this Japanese practice makes it easier to work and reduce the likelihood of errors. Instead, productivity and security are increasing, “says Igor Paranyak, Production Director at KORMOTECH.

Every month Quality Department audited each site. As a result, the best team received a 5S clock and an orange badge with the name of the month that symbolized the award.


Throughout the year, Packaging and Labelling Department was the best to succeed in production process optimization. Their team received 7 awards and became an absolute winner. The second place was given to the Department of Wet Feed, and the third place – to the Department of Dry feed.

Each member of the winning team received a nominal diploma, cash prize and a commemorative gift from KORMOTECH.

The second stage of the competition starts in January 2019. The previous participants will be joined up by the employees of the Technical and Economic Service Department and the Supply Department.