The All-Ukrainian Day “Take Your Dog to Work”

The annual “Take Your Dog to Work” campaign develops animal-friendly infrastructure in Ukrainian cities, promotes the provision of comfortable conditions for home pets at offices, and is aimed at changing the status of the quadrupeds in the society.

Візьми собаку на роботу 1The tradition originated 17 years ago in the United States. Here, that practice is relatively new. For the first time the event was held in Ukraine in 2013, following the initiative by Kormotech. At first, it was local Lviv-based companies that joined in. The festival was covered by regional and national media. Every year, both owners and employers become more interested in the event. In 2017, more than 50 companies from Ukrainian 15 cities joined the project.

Візьми собаку на роботу 2We help to join the event for everyone who is willing: we provide veterinarians’ detailed guidelines about the arrangement of dog’s personal space in the office so that they feel comfortable, about introduction to the colleagues and getting around at the new place, so that everyone is happy after the work day ends.

In 2018, the 6th All-Ukrainian Day “Take Your Dog to Work” will be held July 6. We invite all pet owners to join.