Pet care culture to be increased in Ukraine

Kormotech, Ukrainian pet food company #1 signed a cooperation contract with the Slovenian pharmaceutical company KRKA, one of the worldwide leaders in medical and veterinary drugs.

The companies united their efforts to promote KRKA products, the main purpose of which is animal healthcare.

According to the contract, drugs against fleas and mites (TM “Fipryst”, spray and drops), as well as helminth solutions (TM “Dehinel”, pills) will be promoted in Ukrainian pet shops and vet clinics.

“Cooperation with international players allows us to provide the Ukrainian cat or dog owner not only with high-quality nutrition, but also with solutions for complete care for pets,” – Kormotech CEO Rostyslav Vovk mentioned, – The culture of using such medicine is high in Europe: 100% of animals receive helminth protection, 80% – flea and mite protection. Ukraine needs to make a step in this direction”.

According to KRKA data, the sales volume of such medicine in 2014 in Europe constituted around $995 mil. In contrast sales of, for instance, insectoacaricide drops in Ukraine in the same time period were only $1 mil.

Besides the aforementioned drugs, Kormotech will add other solutions to its portfolio, which will allow pet owners to better care for their four-legged friends. It will happen slowly and with consideration, to provide the client with the best proposition in terms of quality and price. It is by this principle that the KRKA company was chosen, Mr. Vovk mentioned.