Since 2016, Kormoteсh initiates an innovative educational programme called “The Little Prince. Lviv, that loves animals. ” It is a specially developed program that promotes humane treatment of animals and covers the topics of well-being and harmonious co-existence with them, as well as the responsibility and cruelty of people to the quadruped. The course fosters respect towards pets and understand their needs.
In May 2017, the classes were held for the seventh-graders of all 138 schools in Lviv. Before that, biology teachers have undergone training.
“The Little Prince. Lviv, that loves animals” is integrated into the school program at the citywide level. Students perform interactive exercises and receive specially designed workbooks, and teachers use modern guidance manuals. It consists of four classes and a field session at the LCE “Lev” within the course of “Zoology.”
Also, work is continuing on the introduction of a humane education course in Kiev, Dnipro and Mykolaiv.

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