Major veterinary conference held in Kyiv

A three-day international research and practice veterinary conference IVC AUTUMN 2016 was held in Kyiv. The major event, traditionally organized by a network of Alden-Vet veterinary clinics, hosts both a great number of lectures, workshops and training sessions for veterinarians, and also a show of various goods for animals.

By an every-year tradition, Kormotech acted as a partner of the IVC AUTUMN 2016 conference within its project of support for development of felinology and veterinary in Ukraine.

This year, Kyiv brought together veterinary experts from Ukraine, Spain, Israel and other countries. Lectures Ukrainian for veterinarians were delivered by their colleagues in the area of nephrology, urology, infectious and viral diseases, ophthalmology, cardiology, orthopaedics, etc.

Besides, offices of the Alden-Vet Clinic in Kyiv held practical classes and workshops for the conference participants.

At the same time, the conference also hosted a show of useful and tasty products for animals. Participants and guests had an opportunity to learn more about both international and Ukrainian companies, manufacturers and suppliers. In particular, a new generation of the Optimeal brand was presented by Kormotech.

Its wide range was created in accordance with the latest global trends in the area of animal nutrition. The products are enriched with a special complex of ingredients that helps to support immune system.

The new products are ideal for the animals whose owners profess a philosophy of excellence in all areas of life. After all, the philosophy of the Optimeal brand is perfection by nutrition.

The highlight of the product line is the grain-free line and foods for miniature breed dogs.

A wide range of Optimeal products includes foods made of different kinds of selected meats (beef, lamb, duck, turkey, salmon). That is, the offer will suit every pet, including those prone to allergies to chicken.

«Kormotech, being the largest Ukrainian company in our country’s zoo industry, regards the development of veterinary in Ukraine as one of its priorities. We do not only take part in congresses as participants, but also engage reputable lecturers from abroad, who transfer their knowledge to the Ukrainian veterinarians. This is our small contribution to the development of veterinary in Ukraine.

This year’s congress was a special one for us. We presented our new development, a new generation of Optimeal, which was created with the engagement of experts from 9 countries. The first reviews by specialists in veterinary medicine inspire hope in the success of those diets among veterinarians. Next week we are traveling to Holland, where we will negotiate the distribution of Optimeal foods on the territory of the Netherlands and Belgium!”, said the head of marketing Igor Blystiv.